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Class Fitsugar

40-Minute Full-Body Workout Video -- boatload of exercise vids (many are 10 min routines) at Fit Sugar.

ab workouts

4 Free Workout Programs

download this app ASAP! it is SO good if you need work out help. it has different types of training for beginning worker-outers to expert worker-outers. it shows you how to do each exercise too. love it!

First a Habit, Next a Lifestyle

Create first a good habit, next push on to create a good lifestyle. I do not know how accurate 21 days and 90 days are in terms of creating a habit and lifestyle respectively. But I do agre...

Day 10 AM workout: A great addition to any workout, the Tone It Up Arm Routine will Sculpt and Tone every muscle in your arms! <3 Your Trainers, Karena & Katrina

The Drop a Jeans Size Workout

Drop a Jean Size Workout. "I did this workout 3 days a week last year and not only did I drop a jean size, but I kept it off. I highly recommend this workout and just about any workout that comes from Fitness Magazine. Their workouts are reliable and will give you results."

7 Healthy Foods a Nutritionist Prepares Ahead of Time

Get through your workout... Stick to your weight loss plan... In the end, it will all pay off! #ShakeologyResults