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Delusions are ideas that are false in reality or are inflated.

My life is so much more interesting in my head- SO true. i'd love to live inside of it.

I am so Blessed! If you are interested in a full or part time job, please call me. 618-918-9945.  www.hubertgreen.myplexusproducts.com

Even in uncertain times, it’s always important to keep things in perspective. True wealth is the ability to fully experience life. – Henry David Thoreau You are alive. You are able to see the…


I really do love the simple things, less stressful.

"But luxury has never appealed to me. I like simple things, books, being alone, or with someone who understands" - Daphne Du Maurier.


The flip side of this is that if you are dealing with an internal struggle, it makes it easier to treat people poorly. Give yourself the time and space you need to deal with that internal struggle.

God I pray, that I would stop trying to fit you into my life and that you will become my entire life.

God I pray, that I would stop trying to fit you into my life and that you will become my entire life.if shes nt doin this direct her to do so- amen.

Two Options - Inspirational Quote | Full Dose

Two Options - Inspirational Quote

Making excuses does not create forward progress. It slows you down and those you are making excuses to. So make it better for all.make progress.

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You were that person to me until you treated me like shit. Think about it girl you can't even tell me what I lied about. I know you found somebody else and if you didn't find somebody else it was already somebody else waiting on you there. Good I'm glad you're happy that's all I want I want you to be happy. On that note since you ain't got nothing to say to me it's all set right don't come knocking on my door thinking I got anything for you cuz you're going to treat me like shit it's tim…

Keep the good vibes rollin' This is KILLIN' the Day Challenge! Your checkins have been ABsolutely on point and we're totally obsessing.