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Bob Marley

Bob Marley quote on smoking marijuana drinking alcohol. Ain't that the truth!

Perhaps I should not keep my mouth shut anymore because apparently I am getting absolutely no where doing so. On the brighter side, no one really knows what I am thinking which can be a little scary at times. lol

The best times to keep your mouth shut are when you are swimming and when you are angry. Sooo true but hard to do.

Employee engagement drivers differ from one company to another, from industry to industry or from country to country. However, they are fuelled by similar subjective triggers that make an employee want to stay with his company, advocate it or give it his/her discretionary effort.

The Top 3 Employee Engagement Drivers


It is during the worst times of your life that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say they care for you. Or during their worst times!