Wooden Bathtubs for Modern Interior Design and Luxury Bathrooms

Bathroom, Remarkable Black Wooden Laguna Pearl Bathtub With Chrome Faucet And White Wall Concrete Floor: Wooden Bathtub Design Bringing in Elegant Looks

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The Laguna basic wooden bathtub by Alegna is a misnomer in our opinion. The beautiful woodgrain, and velvety looking finish is very elegant and stylish without being flashy.

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10 Fabulous Wooden Luxury Bathroom Ideas to Inspire You

A look at the twelve coolest, most luxurious and most interesting Modern Glass Bathubs on the market. The tubs are from various designers and manufacturers.

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Alegna — Laguna Pearl, free standing wooden bathtub for an enjoyable bath

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How To Clean And Whiten Your Bathtub Naturally: There are many home remedies for cleaning and whitening your tub, just be sure to use one that is appropriate to

Great Ideas for an Appealing Wooden Bathroom Design | http://www.designrulz.com/design/2014/09/great-ideas-appealing-wooden-bathroom-design/

For today, we found some inspirations for an Appealing Wooden Bathroom Design, including ecologically friendly ideas, integrated systems and cunningly concealed designs.

Bathing is no longer a task but a seducing pleasure in one of these modern wooden ergonomic design bathtubs by Alegna using craftsmanship handed down by generations and adding new materials with the result being a breathtaking flow of contours and rich colors. If you so desire, Alegna will even produce a personalized bathtub for you at your whim! for houses or yachts. What better way to start and finish a day?

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Wooden Bathtubs a Delight for the Senses and Your Home Decor

Wooden Bathtubs a Delight for the Senses and Your Home Decor

In western cultures, bathtubs are viewed as a tool for washing our bodies. Eastern cultures, particularly the Japanese, see bathtubs in an entirely differe