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Star trek 2008

Star trek 2008

Star Trek The Next Generation Crew, free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper

Creation Entertainment's Salute to Star Trek in Chicago, IL Convention. See favorite stars from all generations of the legendary television series and movie franchise. Autographed photos and photo ops.

Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock (William Shatner, DeForest Kelly and Leonard Nimoy) ~ the original Star Trek television series first aired on 08 September 1966 (46 years ago!) and was cancelled in 1969 after only three years. It has spawned a plethora of spin-offs and movies and even contributed to technological advances in human history!

McCoy and Mr. Spock (William Shatner, DeForest Kelly and Leonard Nimoy) ~ the original Star Trek television series first aired in 1966

♥ Mr. Rogers - When I was a boy and would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother's words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers -- so many caring people in this world. - Fred Rogers

Mr Rogers, part of my childhood! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Won't you be mine?

TNG Crew - Star Trek-The Next Generation

Wallpaper and background photos of TNG Crew for fans of Star Trek-The Next Generation images.

"Mission: Impossible" Leonard Nimoy, Peter Graves, Peter Lupus, Greg Morris

Remembers Leonard Nimoy: 1931-2015

What a priceless photo of Sheldon and his hero Leonard Nemoy from Star Trek! My favorite Big Bang episode is 'The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis'. Penny gives Sheldon a napkin autographed by Leonard Nemoy. Sheldon gives Penny tons of Gift Baskets.and a hug.

A brief history infographic of Star Trek

45 Years of Star Trek [INFOGRAPHIC]

The First 45 Years of Star Trek Infographic. The Star Trek Infographic on the first 45 years is something most Star Trek buffs, Trekkies, and infographic l

Excelente Filme, Muito Bom!!

Star Trek: Insurrection posters for sale online. Buy Star Trek: Insurrection movie posters from Movie Poster Shop. We’re your movie poster source for new releases and vintage movie posters.

ThinkGeek :: Star Trek Uniform Creepers. My mother tells me I should never dress my newborn in the red one.

Think we can pretty much guarantee my kids are gonna have a Star Trek uniform onesie. (Would probably steer away from the red shirt, though.

Laugh of the day! Star Trek humor #Spock

What Kind Of Alien Are You?

There is only one Spock! "Live long and prosper." (Leonard Nimoy, actor, from the original TV series, "Star Trek.

Which Star Trek: The Next Generation Character are You?

Which "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Character Are You?

Writing About Writing (And Occasionally Some Writing): Star Trek: TNG Satire (Tropefic) A giant shark is blocking the path of the ship. Can the crew get past it in time to bring medical supplies to those that desperately need them?

anotherplaceforshit:  retrogasm:  How cute…  thepunkmummy x~purrs bitch  OMG!!!!!!!!

Star Trek/Big Bang Theory mashup of Sheldon Cooper's favorite soothing song, 'Soft Kitty,' done with a Tribbles theme. Don't think the Klingons will be singing it though. See more humor pins on Chuck's Stuff's 'Fun Stuff' board.