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8 astonishing tiny sculptures carved on the tips of pencils by Diem Chau


Dalton M Ghetti - amazing carved pencils. For Dalton, sculpting pencils is a…

#SalavatFidai carves miniature artworks onto the tips of lead pencils.

Salavat Fidai Carves Pencils into Miniature Pop-Culture Sculptures

Artist Diem Chau has followed up her intricate crayon carvings with a sneak peek of two new carpenter pencil carvings she’s created for an upcoming show in Milan. In Raven & The Sun, the raven’s beak and round bead is carved from graphite and the rest of the bird is carved from the pencil’s wood and covered in graphite dust.

Graphite Wildlife

Dalton Ghetti sculpted pencil lead

Artist Diem Chau creates incredible miniature animal sculptures by carving away at old carpenter pencils.

Village inside the graphite of a pencil

Dumbfounding Miniature Sculptures Into The Tips Of Pencils