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One thing I've never considered myself is a perfectionist. I'm usually satisfied with pretty good as far as most things go. I don't fret over the details (a good and bad thing), and I am pretty good at accepting the...

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50 Funny Memes; the best of 2016 I dont care if it means I have to actually get out of my warm bed and stumble around in the dark

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This is the cutest yet funniest thing I have seen. Pinterest: candigirl110

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"I have two moods: 1- constant panic and worrying about every little detail. 2- Yolo."

Giant slippers. . Guy Orders Custom Size 14. 5 Slipper, Company Sends Size 1, 450 Instead Tom Malte.; an Itou Innan f 70 it f( yiou/ ayman There the opposite of

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