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Image of Plumen Original & Baby Low Energy Light Bulbs

These energy-efficient alternative bulbs provide a fun variation on the incandescent standby. They look great exposed, so there's really no need to shade.

проще некуда

"the 'pendant lamps' are made from brass and charcoal paper" yoshiyuki hibino + beets inc. at greenhouse stockholm furniture fair

Pendant Teelight Comes With Its Own Tea Bag

Jan Bernstein's pendant teacup light is made from a classic white china teacup and a light pull that resembles a tea bag string. Images © Jan Bernstein all rights reserved

Bright Idea: a DIY Chandelier From Rich Brilliant Willing

DIY chandalier with light cages and weird bulbs. Looks like it would take less than ten minutes

DROP CAP PENDANT SET - BLACK - Pendant Lighting - Plumen

The Drop Cap Pendant Set is a tailor-made accessory for Plumen bulbs - the Drop Cap covers the lamp holder, framing Plumen bulbs perfectly.

So gorgeous and whimsical!  It would make me feel like I'm in a fairy tale.  Over my bed or Emma's bed.

Pearl Lampwire cage and wire pearl strands.These pearl strands can be found at craft store. Simply twist the pearls between the slats on the cage and hang your lantern with a metal chain and hook.

Tiffany & Co. New York, Lamp, c. 1900

Art Nouveau - Tiffany & Co. New York, Lamp, c. 1900 art Nouveau & Art Deco Beauty rules, from a hairbrush a vase a lamp a bookcase a window a door to a sweeping, i staircase.

TOM DIXON(トム・ディクソン)「MELT(メルト)30cm」ゴールド[771MES02G]

TOM DIXON(トム・ディクソン)「MELT(メルト)30cm」ゴールド[771MES02G]

former inhabitants - alita hanging lamp:  part of a vintage gas heater + vintage glass display dome / cloth wire / hemp rope / ceiling fixture

Unique hanging rustic vintage lamp made with a vintage glass dome display and metal part of an old portable gas heater "Alita". Glass dome soflty twist in

Futuristic Ceiling and Floor Lamps by Odue1

Futuristic Ceiling and Floor Lamps by Odue

Amazing Futuristic Ceiling and Floor Lamps by Odue : Futuristic Ceiling And Floor Lamps With White Wall And Glossy White Chairs Stool Yellow Blue Hanging Lamps And Hardwood Floor