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Ken Y and Tony Dize - Mi amor es pobre.

Virgo gets irritated if there isn't a clear plan for event's #virgo

Yes, this is so true. I need to know exactly what I am doing before I can start And I hate last-minute changes to plans

Yea, another one that gets me into trouble. Besides making faces of disgust or what have you, I sometimes look angry or made when I'm just thinking...

Anyone who knows a Virgo knows that they're notorious for their facial expressions. The fact that they get easily annoyed is a major reason why. They would just rather keep their mouth shut.

So true I clean when I'm mad or upset about something.....

So true! Virgo expressions of sadness. Unresponsive in conversation; heightened compulsions (cleaning, etc. (Not sure about cleaning when I'm sad, but I am a cleaning dynamo when I'm mad.

I may have been born under the Leo sign... But I tell u what... Im a true Virgo in every way! and when they recently found the new star sign it pushed me forward to a Virgo =)

Modern poster of 1687 antique celestial chart print by Johannes Hevelius from Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia VIRGO ZODIAC and surrounding constellations 28

Virgos be like "sorry I'm busy".

I don't let anyone interrupt a nap and honestly I might rather nap then hang out of the time - a true introverted Virgo me.nippy-naps a must!

funny quotes virgos - Recherche Google

For me and my mom since we are both virgo! Ditto and my husbands a virgo, our best friend is a virgo!

Virgo I am more that withdraws when I am worried

Virgo: You will likely notice Virgo getting easily annoyed, more sarcastic and/or very withdrawn when there is something troubling on their mind.

Ahhh! The truth in this is amazingness! Guess some just chose to look the other way... Being blind can be blissful!!

The truth in this is amazingness! Guess some just chose to look the other way. Being blind can be blissful!(I'm not a Virgo)

That's me

Hit the nail on the head with this one! Sounds like someone I know!