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whos that girl? It's Jess!  They'd better be together by the end of this season or I'm gonna flip out...

Omg New Girl fanart, where did this come from? - Broken Thoughts on imgfave

he's like "awwwwww your in a dress" "SHUT UP BAY STOP TOUCHING MY HAIR" "am i gonna mess it upppp?" "DONT TOUCH ME OK" *just realized that maybe she doesnt want him to cos she's so used to people touching her only to hurt her like her mother and is afraid that bay will turn into that* *and now im sad* *excuse me while i go cry*

Maka x Soul~Soul eater .Soul "Why are you so mad shorty?" Maka "First I'm not shorty." Soul"hehe ok Maka.

-the afterlife- Huccup and Astrid modern AU. Art by Burdge

Burdge bug - This looks like a modern Hiccup and Astrid <<< I think it's supposed to be based on chasing thunderstorms. It a really cute fic