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Papaver Orientale 'Prinzessin Victoria Louise' , Oriental Poppy 'Prinzessin Victoria Louise', Poppy 'Prinzessin Victoria Louise', Oriental Poppy 'Princess Victoria Louise', Poppy 'Princess Victoria Louise', Oriental Poppy 'Coral Reef', Poppy 'Coral Reef',

candytuft, 6-10", Dark green mounding foliage with many flower clusters. Suited for edging, borders, and rock gardens. Blooms in spring. 'Tahoe' white, 'Sweetheart' pink

20 BLACK Flowers And Plants to Add Drama To Your Garden

Add a unique touch of color and drama to your garden by adding black flowers and plants. These plants can also be grown in containers.

Perovskia Atriplicifolia (Russian Sage) - Love them in thick drifts with Lavander and Salvia. Awesome Perennial Accents in a meadow.

Water Wise garden filled with lovely plants like coreopsis (yellow) Salvias (dark purple and silvery background plant, mexican sage) catmint (light purple in front) and pink flowered perennial Jupiter's beard (centranthus) which although attractive is invasive. Avoid planting near nature areas or near rivers.

Everything About Growing Lavender

The robust smell and diverse shades of purple, blue, soft pink and white flowers, learn everything you need to know for growing lavender!