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...sometimes a four-legged hug means  twice the love...specially when it's from a lab! :0)

It\'s wondrous what a hug can do. A hug can cheer you when you\'re blue. A hug can say, \"i love you so\" Or, \"gee i hate to see you go\". A hug is,

Tucker and Toby playing Doggie Twister.

Tucker and Toby playing Doggie Twister.

Go fetch they said. It will be fun they said.

Go fetch, they said; it will be fun, they said. so wrong what people do to thier animals

Amazing dog gets a new chance with four prosthetic legs! #amazing #dog #prostheticleg

8 Injured Dogs Who Brilliantly Overcame the Odds

Nakio, a mixed-breed dog, has 4 artificial legs after losing all paws and part of his tail from frostbite after being abandoned as a puppy in a cold cellar. What spirit & heart this dog has, after all he went through. Just love this animal.

A Girl and her Dog

Strummer assists Michele scouting the main area of Nunziato Field for orphaned poop after the Grand Opening of Somerville's first off-leash recreational area, 9 April