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eb47d65bf49d58fb467f7b2c77928ea9.jpg (496×950)

This was literally my favorite part of this episode. Also Gabriel's awesome Downton Abbey references.

"When your friend sees a hot guy." The fact that this is Gabe and Cas is hilarious<<It gets funnier when you realize that this scene was unscripted. Misha wasn't paying attention so Richard intervened.

Sass-tiel 9 by enginesummer

Well apparently I'm just a mean bitch, because I made another one of Cas telling people off. Sidenote: Cas meeting Sam, he's quoting The Smiths "The Boy With the Thorn in His Side.

Spn supernatural Sam Dean tumblr one liners

LOL. Look at this

NO FREAKING WAY JARED MADE THAT PART UP?!?! "Crystal I would love to have the sex with you" YEEES

Oh god.when Jared said "THE sex", it wasn't scripted and they kept it anyway. This scene just got a thousand times funnier!<<<<<< I just started watching this episode right now, just before I read this post.