Sharon Duerst, my sister. She's published her first novel, "Mending Stone" and is really putting herself out there to share her book and story to inspire others to stick with it and live their dream.

Mending Stone a novel by Sharon Duerst - My sister was inspired to write this book after a series of haunting dreams that continued to pull at her, until she started writing the intertwining and mysterious story of two women in very different circumstances. #pinspiration

She Who Watches told by Ed Edmo - I featured She Who Watches in my novel Mending Stone - I love that She sits on a cliff above the water looking out for the needs of her people - I like to think She is warmed by sun, cooled by rain, soothed by flow of the river, and that she reaches out to us in the wind...

Love to read, but can't afford to spend any more money on books? Here's how to find thousands of free books with absolutely no strings attached. Includes a list of my favorite ideas and websites!

Win Blevins originally wrote 3 other manuscripts, using what he knew as a historian. Something was missing. He set aside all that and let Crazy Horse tell his story of how he lived his life according to his vision - even when it looked, well, crazy. What's your vision? Stone Song: A Novel of the Life of Crazy Horse: Win Blevins: Books #pinspiration As a writer Win has been an inspiration to me. Thanks Win

"I believe that health is a way of life that can be cultivated. The mission of The Tour de Farm is to spread ideas that promote healthy, vibrant and sustainable living by producing the story of this health pilgrimage." -Patricia Andrews // &

India.Arie - I Am Not My Hair I am not my hair I am not this skin I am not your expectations.. no I am not my hair I am not this skin I am a soul that lives within... India Arie's "I Am Not My Hair" is a terrific and empowering song for anyone who listens. Blessings of love and peace

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