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This guy is using the "coercion" sigh taught in survival training. Hand signs are taught in survival school to be used by POW's to send messages back to intelligence that they are bring forced into the video, or picture. This guy was telling everyone he was being coerced in shaking hands with Hillary Aug. 25, 2013

Don't Question it. Seriously. HOW CAN THIS BE A PREMISE FOR A MOVIE?!?!? HAVE PEOPLE NOT SEEN THIS MAN?!?!?! What dumb HAG wakes up from a coma, sees that gorgeous hunk of man candy SITTING at her BEDSIDE, and says, "Huh. No thanks. I'll try Door #2." ?????? I can picture this if the man in question was... Affleck. Or even Clooney. Both are nice, yes. Each has their points to be sure. Smouldering HOTTNESS wrapped up in a chiseled package with eyes that pierce your soul? No…

Picture This: Crazy Ivan Hits Eject

Awesome picture. This will be Michael and i one day.I'll be the happiest woman when Michael comes home from deployment.