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I Love You, Are You Wearing That?  Love Card 225-C by emilymcdowelldraws on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/205580542/i-love-you-are-you-wearing-that-love

I Love You, Are You Wearing That? Love Card 225-C

13 Perfectly Honest Valentine's Day Cards - Even if your Valentine's Day is anything but perfect.

Raising Yourself Card/ Mother's Day Card by emilymcdowellstudio

Today Let's Celebrate The Amazing Job You Did at Basically Raising Yourself.

Love Wins Card/ LGBT Wedding Card No. 274-C by emilymcdowellstudio on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/262841271/love-wins-card-lgbt-wedding-card-no-274

Kennedy's beautifully written majority opinion on same-sex marriage makes a great wedding card.

Awkward Holiday Card By popular demand: The Awkward Holiday Card! Also available as a box set - Blank inside - A2 size (4.25" x 5.5") - Offset printed in Los Angeles onto heavyweight matte stock, usin

Awkward Holiday Card

There's No Money In Here Card

There's No Money In Here Card

But There's No Money In Here. I'm almost 40 years old, and to this day, every single time I open a card -- even if it's from, like, my bank -- I ref

$4.50 Mother's Day card

Cheapest Therapist Mother's Day Card

Funny Mother's Day cards: Cheapest Therapist Card from Emily McDowell Draws - Mom's Birthday 2015

Awkward Dating Card | <3 Emily McDowell

Awkward Dating Card

I Know We're Not, Like, Together or Anything ($5)

16 Funny Love Cards For People Who Are Brutally Honest

Awkward Dating Funny Valentine's Day Card at Emily McDowell Draws Etsy Shop

15698342_1446598768684131_4396119248417577365_n.jpg (564×620)

Holiday Boxed Cards Funny Holiday Card: Jingle Bells by Emily McDowell Peppermint Stripe

So Glad Birthday Card

There are certain people whose birthdays make us feel downright grateful. Like, "damn, I'm so happy you exist! This birthday card is for those exact people.

I Love Your Stupid Face Valentine’s Day Card: Say it like you mean it with this funny ’I Love Your Stupid Face’ Valentine’s

15 Super Cute & Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

I Love Your Stupid Face Valentine’s Day Card: Say it like you mean it with this funny ’I Love Your Stupid Face’ Valentine’s

Emily McDowell

Put Out This Tiny Fire Birthday Card It's your birthday! Time to put out this tiny fire while we sing you a song!

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Definition of Divorce Card