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<p>This interactive roller coaster ride produced by WGBH illustrates the relationship between potential and kinetic energy. As the coaster cars go up and down the hills and around the loop of the track, a pie chart shows how energy is transformed back and forth between gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy.</p>

What goes into designing a successfull roller coaster loop? In the "Roller Coaster Marbles: How Much Height to Loop the Loop?" #science project, students build a roller coaster for marbles using foam pipe insulation and investigate how height is related to the movement of a marble through a loop. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

Paper Rollercoasters - can you believe it. Not sure if I would ever have enough time to create these but Christmas break is coming soon.

Learners design and build a roller coaster using simple materials. Learners experiment with potential and kinetic energy to get a marble to follow a track into a cup.

Project-Based Engineering for Kids

Marble Roller Coaster- 1 inch foam pipe insulation cut in half ( about 4 per student), masking tape, marbles