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I can't help but see vintage diving suits and think "Big Daddy." Still cool: Carmagnolle Diving Suit, 1882

French armored diving suit - just the thing for an alien to wear in outer space.

19th century French deep sea diving suit. It weighs 800 pounds, and has ball joints like modern deep sea suits. Circa 1882, designed by Alphonse and Théodore Carmagnolle, on display at the National Marine Museum in Paris.

ADS by Carmagnolle brothers, Musée national de la Marine, Paris - 002

Armored diving suit from 1878. Returning to the surface was obviously only a remote secondary consideration!

Century Deep-Sea Diving Suit ~ diving in those suits was very dangerous work

Here is my design for a Nautilus deep-sea suit and a custom-built underwater camera. And here's a shot of me in the suit (optional beard) as photographed in the

vintage 1878 Diving Suit! By French designers Alphonse and Theodore Carmagnolle in Marseille

This antique armored diving suit was designed in 1878 by Alphonse and Theodore Carmagnolle in Marseille, France. The welded metallic sphere features 20 small portholes

Diving Suit from 1882

Atmospheric Diving Suit from 1882

Scaphandre Carmagnolle MnM Paris - Atmospheric diving suit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

livingupsidedown:    Steampunk Campbells Soup Bramble Vinyl Figure by 3A Toys Source

Campbell’s Soup Robot. I was watching the “Twilight Zone” marathon at New Years…,this reminds me of the one where an old woman is attacked by aliens, but it turns out that she is a giant and the aliens are us.