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Cao Lau at Ty Cao Lau

6 Local Dishes to Try in Hoi An

Vietnam: Bahn Chung

15 Delicious International Holiday Food Traditions

banh chung - sticky rice cake traditionally filled with mung beans and slices of fatty pork belly

Cao Lau - famozni specialita z mesta Hoi An. Proslavana je diky svym druhem nudli.

Snapshots from Vietnam: 14 Great Central Vietnamese Dishes

Cao Lau - thick udon-esque wheat noodles in a smidge of ultra-rich pork broth, with roast pork, fresh herbs and fried noodle “croutons”

Món ăn đặc sản của Bình Thuận chỉ là món dân dã thông thường nhưng nhờ chế biến khéo léo mà trở nên rất ngon miệng đối với du khách thập phương.

A few years back, my husband and I traveled back to Viet Nam. We hunted for good food from Saigon in the south to Ha Noi in the no.

Bánh đa cua Hải Phòng

Bánh đa cua Hải Phòng

What to eat in Vietnam. Because the only part of my vacations I ever plan is what I want to eat!

Snapshots from Vietnam: The Best Things I Ate

6 Local Dishes to Try in Hoi An

Our abridged meal-by-meal guide to where to eat now. By Lara Dunston.

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad with Curry Lemongrass Tofu by mschro

With sauteed tofu in a curry lemongrass sauce. The sauce was sweet and spicy and tasted great mixed into the rice noodles.