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This is spot on.

Virgos have two sides to their personality. The virgin and the vixen.

so very true.

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"Virgo Weakness: At times, the need for perfection gets in the way of enjoying things." Story of my life.


I'm normally not one who forgives and forgets, but there are people who will always be allowed back in with a true, sincere apology. Special attention to sincere apology.

My friends can always count on me

The Virgo is the most caring friend you will ever have. They will help you…

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I may hope for the best, but I can't help but assume the worst thing will happen. As much as I want to, I can't be truly optimistic.

A Virgo doesn't even have to say anything for you to feel their wrath, just one look, and you already know they don't want to be bothered. Because they're easily bothered.

Whoa must have this one. :) Have you ever found My Board Yet "Coupons And Freebies" :) Love

No matter how rough you get a with a Virgo, they will remain classy and put you in your place at the same time.

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what a Virgo loves and hates, mostly true, I'm not keen on constructive criticism!