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@Ella Broadbooks - If we were guys, this might be us.

Are there any INTPs out there besides me that like to go to parties? I know that when I first go to a party I'm really shy and feel just a little

Office Space meme

Bill Lumbergh Office Space - Yeah, if you could just stop being an office bully that'd be greeeeaat

I do this.

it's true. texting someone in the same room is sneaky. the way that i stare completely ruins the sneakiness.

Had this problem last night!!! SOOO FRUSTERATING ... Fact: Over 68,000 single women...

Fact: Over 68,000 single women...

Single Women Starve to Death from Jar Lids that are Too Tight: This is no joke. Every year over single women starve to death every year because they neve


A student's face when. his teacher says it's important that he have life goals.

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