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“Wait, what?” – Me after reading the news this morning.  For those of you who may missed it there has been a few leaks regarding …

Canon 5D Mark IV Dual Pixel Raw Will Let You Focus In Post

It's been a long four years since the Mark III hit the market, so you know professional shooters and well-heeled amateurs alike are thrilled about the arrival of the Canon EOS Mark IV Camera.

Your own Magic Land inside your head, to choose a BAD trip or to choose a Magic Trip - it's all your own decision

Guarding a sleeper from nightmares The Dreamcatcher by *juliedillon on deviantART

A person's body is theirs, not public domain.

This is not public property. Decisions regarding this are mine- and only mine- to make.

now this is a electric car I'd buy

Chevrolet Auto Sports Car Photo Wallpaper - Cars-P make money online vs lamborghini sports cars cars cars

harriet lee merrion

These beautiful and intriguing illustrations are by Harriet Lee-Merrion who is a free-lance illustrator living in Bristol.