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I want to pet a tiger. A white tiger would be amazing. A hug would be even more amazing.

Photos like this let you know why people still shoot in black and white.

thank you for donating to exotic animal causes. one I donate to is .world wild life . org :) I love the color detail of this leopard.

Clouded Leopard

"Clouded Leopard" Photographer: Sabrina Davis I love clouded leopards they're my favourite big cat

This tiger wants to be a model

"I love this tree" /Wildlife Photography Workshops Winter Wildlife Photography Workshop - Jeff Wendorff

Tijger met een biggetje

The tiger who adopted a litter of piglets (but is it a tale full of porkies?)

two year old Saimai, a Royal Bengal tigress, with two of six piglets she is raising. Tigers are my favorite wild animal and I have a pet pig. I thought this was cute.

On my phone this is too small to read but I like the pic of the four tigers at the bottom

To get this over with!

I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!

This momma tiger gave birth, but her cubs died. So the zoo dressed up some pigs in tiger cloth and they became her babies! How sweet is this???

A tiger mother lost her cubs from premature labor. Shortly after, her health declined & she was diagnosed with depression.They wrapped up piglets in tiger cloth & gave them to the tiger. The tiger now loves these pigs & treats them like her own babies.

Barn Owl found in Coopersville, Michigan.  It is quite rare to find barn owls here.  They are an endangered species in western Michigan.  The bird is being cared for at the Blanford Nature Center and is doing well!  Cute little owl!  (Information from the Grand Rapids Press.)

A female Amur tiger, Iris, licks its cub during one of their first walks in an open-air cage at the Royev Ruchey zoo in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The Amur tiger is an endangered species. (Ilya Naymushin/Reuters) so pretty


snow beauty winter cold Black and White beautiful white vintage trees black mirror dark nature travel forest retro escape free darkness wild fade deer fog Dawn haze tall antlers dusk hazy

Liger (Lion-Tiger Hybrid) not sure is real....

World's Biggest Cat Is called a Liger ! Cross Breed of Tiger and Lion 900 pounds, 6 Feet tall and 12 feet-long Liger who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest cat. And His Name is "Hercules" :)

I wasn't aware that there were people who DON'T like wearing large sweaters

I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that there were people who DON'T like wearing large sweaters<< relatable