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I wish everyone knew this, this is why I never show people my art. I'm proud of it, and if all you're going to do is scoff and say I'm bragging, then I don't want to show it to you do I?

I honestly HATE showing my accomplishments, art and writing to anyone so if I show it to you, that's saying something.<<<that's so true.

I refuse to call church anything but Jesuscon now.

I refuse to call church anything but Jesuscon now.

:'( Tony I honestly think all of them have been saved by music. Jaime has raised his hand in the past. and it breaks my heart but it makes it that much better to know they are coming from almost the same situations as us. music was there when people weren't.

PTV (Pierce The Veil) Love This, I love this man and I am now crying thinking of all the things he could have needed saving from.

If only the guys I know were like this..

PROM IDEAS: the guys secretly decided on undercover superhero identities and wore the corresponding colors to match the shirts underneath and revealed them during this picture and it was perfect. <-- didn't know hello kitty was a superhero.

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Yep darn it. Contrary to some curriculum's beliefs, I believe the learning is more important than the grades. Because some tests are just plain stupid.


Me half the time. Weed effects my memory hahahah