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Twilight, Harry Potter - Hermione Vs. Bella. Makes me want to stop reading Wuthering Heights now...

Hermione Vs. Bella

Funny pictures about Hermione Granger vs. Oh, and cool pics about Hermione Granger vs. Also, Hermione Granger vs.


Fact: Bella Swan is not a role model for girls. and Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress

Harry Potter Movie Spoilers - I have little respect for those of you who only watch the HP movies without reading the books.

Perfect all 3 things

Draco: my father will hear about this Me, if I was hp: Not your father, Draco. Anyone but your father! My father will hear ABOUT THIS!

I seriously need to make this my default answer when someone asks me to wait.

Harry Potter FTW!

There is so much win here it kills me. ---- I seriously need to make this my default answer when someone asks me to wait LOL- I love the mom's response.

Lol! XP

I cried. And laughed. And remembered Dobby>> it wouldn't be to master though because Dobby is a FREE ELF. Yup, it would be Harry Potter and his Weezy.

* Crawls in a hole and starts crying* Whyyyyyy, Harry Potter, Forever and Always....

I love this idea. I love the idea do actually doing this at special or important events.like wills wedding

IN AZKABAN!... yea that sound about right

Just Sirius Black waiting for his pizza xDD i need to do this to mom.she wouldn't get it but I'd be laughing