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Common Sense Fails

Funny pictures about Uncommon sense. Oh, and cool pics about Uncommon sense. Also, Uncommon sense.

Mom Goes Out Cartoon

Mom Goes Out Cartoon This isn't a party. We're just having tea. I left my house without my children. Believe me, this is a party!

how your kids can wake up at 4:45 am and yet you're still late getting out the door

This is my life everyday! Except who the hell wakes up almost 3 hours before u leave.STILL Late Getting Out the Door

such a good analogy. #sarcasm

Two snowmen talking, "Don't be absurd! Nobody MADE us! We evolved by chance from snowflakes! Good point to use against evolution.

With Kids vs. Without Kids: Road Trip! | More LOLs & Funny Stuff for Moms | NickMom

With Kids VS Without Kids: Road Trip! LOL Can anyone relate to this?

With Kids vs. Without Kids: Using a Public Restroom | Mom's Life | Did you ever experience this? Lol

Before Kids vs. After Kids: Public Restrooms // omg! I'm freaking crying from laughing so hard. I don't have any kids but I remember my mom being like this with me