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#WomenAtWork - A saleswoman

I met Rupa in Pantaloons, Bangalore and she was one of the most friendly saleswomen I have ever met.

A frustrated Bangalorean

Rant of a frustrated Bangalorean.

A visit to Vidyarthi Bhavan

The iconic Vidyarthi Bhavan is known not just for its food but its legacy. Visit the place for that real local taste of Gandhi Bazaar and more.

From the streets of Hong Kong

This Wednesday let's go wordless and look at the streets of Hong Kong. A small collection from my archives in monochrome.

A Chance Encounter

When he met her, was that encounter a chance or his destiny? Not very long ago, there was a young man. Full of life and ambitious. Born and brought up in a small city.

Of Langar and Love

” VT was serving food at the langar and I was in the kitchen. He must have served some fifty people and was on his toes for over an.

#Pictures #India #Photography

Celebrating 505 posts on happiness and food. A milestone for me and why not celebrate it with some thoughts and a picture?

A slice of culture at the Dasara festival

Dasara festival at the BIAL was organized to promote Karnataka's rich culture and heritage. I recently attended the festival and this post is a photo story.

#WomenAtWork - A Painter

I’m a painter. This art is my living. Displayed in exhibitions, my paintings are my reflection.

#Foodventures - Experiments With Food

Some eat to live, some live to eat but we love to eat. I grew up with this thought about food. As long as we were grateful to have food on our plates and.

Hong Kong - Man Mo Temple

Hong Kong - Man Mo Temple - happiness and food

You Are The Best Wife - A Book Review

You Are The Best Wife - A Book Review

Explore Hong Kong on Foot - A Guest Post

Explore Hong Kong on Foot - A Guest Post - happiness and food