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Gas station play structure for the boys - too cool (and this one is too expensive)

County Roads Gas Station Playhouse: Here's a perfect playhouse for a little boy. Designed to look like a gas station with gas pumps on the porch and a tire rack inside. You can even have the sign personalized with your little guy's name.

Gas station, tool shop and store! I have two boys who wanted a play house but all the ones you can buy were so boring. I thought a gas station would be a perfect fit because their always playing gas station, store, tool shop and mechanic! It was lots of fun to build ;)

Gas station, tool shop and store! I have two boys who wanted a play house but…

Exploring their senses is what young kids do, its especially great for babies and toddlers! But don't stop at just touch. Don't forget to explore sense of taste, sound, sight and smell!

Crumpled Paper Fall Tree Art With Spices

Who ever thought of making colored sand castles? Just one of the 10 sandbox activities - which of these is your child going to love the most in the sandbox?

Here at Ohdeedoh, we're always great fans of homemade play items -- whether it be kitchens (Oh boy, do we love DIY kitchens!), dolls or games.  So it's always exciting when you all share your hard work with us.  Ohdeedoh reader Colleen sent us an e-mail sending us a photo of a great DIY gas station her father made for her children.  What a sweet station!

Play Gas Station Pump

Play DIY gas pump for Lucas. issues issues Wilke Leeder Hogan, your grandson NEEDs his grandad to built him one!

Treasure Hunt Sensory Bin is a fun way to get counting practice!

Crumpled Paper Fall Tree Art With Spices

Know a preschooler who loves pirates (or just digging)? Get them digging up the gold in this sneaky counting practice activity.