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Unicorn Farts Perfume Oil


Even things magical and mysterious fart - like unicorns! We've all thought about it, don't deny it! FCS has created a fragrance that we believe is exactly what

Unicorn Farts Bar Soap (6 oz)

Unicorn Farts Bar Soap

The FCS family sat down one day and decided we needed a bar soap that smelled like farts. But it had to be the best smelling farts out there, of course!

In The Loop Wax Tart

If you have a major sweet tooth like us then In the Loop is your fragrance because it is sugary sweet just like the cereal it is named after Froot Loops!

Monkey Farts Scented Soy Wax Melts  Monkey Farts by LaLunaCrafts, $3.25

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Unicorn Farts Solid Shampoo Bar


"Totally Zenned Out" Wax Tart $2.00 yeah, it's a word -- look it up! an irresistible blend of juicy apples, rounded out with notes of sweet plums and ripened strawberries; enhanced with a splash of lime, orange zests, with sharp green notes.

Totally Zenned Out Wax Tart

an irresistible blend of juicy apples, rounded out with notes of sweet plums and ripened strawberries; enhanced with a splash o

"Lollipop Your Cherry" Shampoo Bar

Lollipop Your Cherry Shampoo Bar

Some fragrances just name themselves, I swear. Cherries, cherries and more cherries swirled with vanilla, and a hint of orange and pineapple.

Vivid Wax Tart

Vivid Wax Tart

We here at FCS are obsessed with Vivid, clearly, since we have it in everything! Some people say it smells like Hawaiian fruit punch, others say it smells like

Snow melt. Swirling, spiralling snowstorms.Remember your first snow and the joy of catching flakes on gloves. Frosty, stimulating peppermint oil swirls with bright Sicilian lemon to recreate the crisp air. Fair Trade Organic cocoa and Organic illipe and shea butters soften skin and transform the water for creamy, snow white bliss.

Luxury bath oil: a soft, shea and cocoa butter ball, with water and oil soluble colours that ripple through water to create a bathtime fantasia

"Forbidden Fruit" Fortune Cookie Soap

Forbidden Fruit

Dusky verbena creeping over fresh blueberry skins and lemon zest.

"SQUIRREL!" Foaming Hand Soap

SQUIRREL! Foaming Hand Soap

A little cat kibble never hurt anyone! Festive plum with a zesty curl of citrus all wrapped up pretty-like with winter orchid and soft sandalwood. Our hand soap

"Lemon Drop It Like It's Hot" Sea Salt Hair Spritz

Lemon Drop It Like It's Hot Sea Salt Hair Spritz

No need to be a pimp in a crib to drop it like it's hot! Channel your inner soap gangster with this badass new sparkling lemon scent. To use: Spritz g

Butter Beer Bar Soap | Fortune Cookie Soap


Butter Beer Bar Soap | Fortune Cookie Soap