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the over 1,833 deaths, the countless displacements, and now the growing gentrification of NOLA as a result of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita ---are another concrete and well-documented example of the racist nature of the US government and what Black people have endured for centuries. Interestingly enough this pin has generated a wave of hate speech comments which have been deleted and the users have been blocked. #FightRacism

David Beckham, Blake Shelton, Kate Winslet: Celebrity heroes

SEAN PENN The good deed: Rescued Hurricane Katrina victims When the activist actor heard about the plight of tens of thousands of stranded New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina struck in September 2005, Sean Penn sprung into action, speeding down to the Crescent City and personally helped rescue an estimated 40 people stuck on roofs amid the floodwaters.