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Maja, Slovenia. I've given up the search for reality, now I'm just looking for a good fantasy.

Johnny Depp #Quote...I find this to be so so true if you marry so many cases...the odds are very high that if you marry young your marriage will not last...and while some do...they often aren't in love...they stay in a marriage of friendship...often lusting and cheating...

Sabrina Carpenter Takes the Playlist Pop Quiz

Sabrina Carpenter Takes the Playlist Pop Quiz, this is a total throwback to a long time ago when Can't Blame A Girl For Trying was still kinda new

Lol! Somewhere in the middle

I hope if you are reading this that I miss you dearly and would look for you even when others try to talk bad about me, they assume things that they have no business in and are just miserable people not wanting to see you and I happy together and I can tell you with confidence that I LOVE You and I will show you even if I look dumb for you!

...Says the guy who hits the high note in Let Me Know.

Ello, I'm Cecil McCoy, a sixth year Gryffindor here. I've never played quidditch or ever really done anything social, a lot of people tease me for it. But I keep my head in the clouds. I've had a dumb crush on a girl here for way too long. Most of my day is spent studying, building different trinkets, or drawing. I'm also quite fond of Professor Virgo.