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Send me their name and I'll get my hard cover book to slap them with. Oh wait, then my book would get hurt. I'll get my BUTTERKNIFE

If you choose to see books just as words on paper, you have a closed mind & meager imagination. We open minded creative people see books as adventures, as other worlds that one can enter to escape from reality. Books go a lot deeper than just words on pap

Page 5 - Rage Comics - Ragestache

Please give honor - please give honor - please give honor to us ALL!

Not even embarrassed to admit this is me every time! LOL

Morning coffee (39 photos)

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An Important Lesson About the Internet [Comic]

Pokémon Cards: Gengar - A Hard Learned Lesson About the Internet This happened to my little brother. He bought Omega Ruby.

Marching Band. As a section leader it totally represents my section with all of the freshmen

I can agree as section leader for a year, and drum major for two, this is the truth!