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There are a lot of new products that people don't know about. Some of these products can help us to save time, useful for health or safety and improve our living. Here is a list of products that may help you in some part of your life, some are even funny, yet useful.

10 Best New Products That People Don't Know About

Use this Apple Peeling Tool, cut fruit easily but also interesting! Especially when cutting a large amount of fruit, essential goods.

These prism glasses: No one should have to be forced to sit upright while reading or watching TV. Lol | 19 Absolutely Necessary Products For Lazy People

19 Absolutely Necessary Products For Lazy People

Prism Glasses are optical glasses that allow you to read in bed or watch TV while lying flat on your back. The perfect solution for those with limited mobility, these unique prism glasses are great for preventing neck cramps or eye strain.

31 Incredible Inventions That May Change Your Life (1 -8)

Incredible Inventions That May Change Your Life

For the photographer: | Community Post: 15 Insanely Cool Gifts No Sane Person Can Refuse

For the photographer:

Íme a tökéletes konyhai eszközök lusta emberek számára

I'm going to keep this list.I want a LOT of these things!For the girl who can't stay out of the kitchen. 50 useful kitchen gadgets you didn't know existed. There are some seriously cool things on here!

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A water bottle that holds your personal things- house key, drivers license! for the gym! --- Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo Water Bottle with Storage Compartment - 24 oz.

Your new ride?

extreme sports wheel as an alternative to carrying your bi = uni cycle less space and more light weight Insolite, Version Voyages, www.

Best Latest Technology: The color rings is wireless...best way in cell phone communication

Cell phone rings: The Best Latest Technology: The color rings is wireless.best way in cell phone communication

Popular Photography Magazine | Digital Camera Reviews, Photography Tips, Buying Guide

"The camera ring. Perfect for low-key photography." AKA for when you see ridiculous things in public but wanna be subtle as you document it so people believe the story.or taking stalker pictures of boys.

Drumbrella by Dong Min Park - When rain hits an area on the umbrella, the stretched wax cloth creates a sound, just like it would on a regular drum.

Rain Drum - Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features various kinds of sound, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days. The Rain Drum umbrella is an idea of the designer Dong Min Park.

Ya no más subrayados que parezcan hechos por un borracho.

Pencil wheel for straight lines with small screen for measurements and distance, because ruler is too mainstream

Add a unique color to your food with edible spray paint!

Edible spray paint…

Funny pictures about Edible spray paint. Oh, and cool pics about Edible spray paint. Also, Edible spray paint.

Personal Electric Vehicle

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The name of VEU stands for Vehiculo Electrico Unipersonal or in English Individual Electric Vehicle. As you probably can guess, the main objective of this bike