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1990 - Hawaii - Exploring Maui with Lynn, Stephanie, and Charlene

1983 - Another summer of fun at the Elks Club. Rudy was the biggest kid of all.

1985 - Cayman Islands - He loved snorkeling and would stay in the water til his skin was pruny.

Photo from Hal Peterson - not sure what year - Fishing at Mae's (Rick Holcombe's grandmother) - Lake Lanier

1990 - Hawaii - Denise and Rudy - Bike ride down Haleakala. It's freezing at the top and hot by the time you get to the bottom.

1980 - Nancy, Doyle, Rudy and I visited Tony in Norcross. He lived in an old country house right in the middle of a ton of swanky homes. It was a bit surreal. Surprisingly, I would take the country house over the swanky houses any day. There was something so warm and fun about it.

1981 - We spent all our free time at the Elks Club in the summer. That's Kelly in back. Rudy and Dana Adamek are in the middle. Not sure who's in front.