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EASE is a disability service, specifically regarding sexual functioning and wellbeing ( Prop, aids, surrogates, therapies, education and counselling services/information are all available through this program. Giving the care facility access to voluntarily use any of this information helps to stimulated sexuality and wellbeing maintenance. EASE views sexuality as an essential aspect of identity and seek to maintain sexual wellbeing in the disability population.

Planning for the future is so important after an #Alzheimer's diagnosis. Understand the importance of living wills and powers of attorney.

check out this #infographic from Open Placement about Long-term Caregivers and the unique struggles of those dealing with #alz and #dementia

Safe sex in care homes and written consent is necessary. It can be uncomfortable talking to people who are elderly about their sexual history; however, now more than ever is it important. Between 2002 and 2011 the rate of adults over 50 having HIV has doubled, its time to start sharing (Nash et al, 2015). Before individuals engage in sexual activities tests should be administered, followed by written consent forms for both parties.

Nursing skill, confidence and competence is working with all issues facing those living in care facilities has an influence on residents quality of life (Sauamaki & Engstrom, 2013).Nursing staff often feel very uncomfortable when witnessing sexual expression in care home (Gastmans, 2014).

The goal of educating staff is to reduce stigma toward residents regarding sexual expression.Education into sexual changes, well-being, and overall health should be mandatory for all care workers.Staffs ability to communicate with residents about sexuality and aging is dependent on their own comfort ability and knowledge on the topics (Gastmans, 2014).Many Professionals education regarding sexual development and expression in the elderly is limited (Gastmans, 2014: Sauamaki & Engstrom…

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Hah! Now that's my kind of old folks home! Current Issues in Care Facilities: -Isolation -Education (staff & Residents) -Services Consent