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Mason Jar Soil Test | Determining what type of soil you have in your garden can be done with a glass jar with a lid, some water, and a sample of your soil. When soil particles separate you can see a mixture of the main soil types: sand, silt and clay. A well balanced soil (also called Loam) will have an almost even balance between the three particles. If your soil has more clay or more sand you can help your plants by learning the best watering and treatment methods for your particular…

Hechos zodiaco Acuario - Cuando un acuario está harto o hecho contigo, te darás cuenta de ello por sus pantallas de aislamiento, tratamiento del silencio, la actitud y falta de interés hacia usted. JA! CIERTO!

As someone with bipolar disorder I can’t tell you how many times I have been told that a hobby would be good for me. I took this to heart for a while. I have started many hobbies. Most I have done for about five minutes each.

Organizing and ADHD Great resource for ADD and ADHD. Understand Your Brain, Get More Done, Ari Tuckman. Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD Book Cover

In other's LYING and making certain that someone else takes the fall for whatever the Narcissist has done.Narcissist Mothers use this as their favorite defense and diversion strategy. Along with the Silent Treatment for punishment and manipulation or control, you can think of Scapegoating as their other weapon in a two pistol set designed to wound and destroy when needed. ~ A.N.

I've done this bulletin board every year, and the kids (and adults) love it! I send out a letter to the parents asking for random items, and this is what I got this year:) The item to search for changes every day.