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I don't believe in the bible personally, but I don't understand how there can be such a double standard.

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Since our kids are growing up in a politically correct environment, I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss diversity, equality and other four-letter words.

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The most hilarious gun control memes: How gun control advocates protect their yards with idiotic signs; why bombs are clocks, but Pop-Tarts are guns.

Paul C Sutherland on Twitter: "@killermist @LoriKemp @intheknow1798 @Callisto1947 you may recall that the people of Judea were living as an occupied nation under Rome"

Paul C Sutherland on

Libtard idiot, PC SJW safe space college crybaby millenial brat Bernie Sanders supporter wants free stuff and you to pay for it.

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Meanwhile, as the days are still rather short, sit down and please enjoy today& wild c.

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It is an example of communism cause trump is a political person and he's upper class and him and hitler both hurt thousands of people

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“"We'll chat and make!" aka "I'm going to play Stump-Naomi for like everyone else to try and convince myself you're fake.

Instead of game show, it should be reality show. These liberals have gone off to la la land. It's downright terrifying! Btw...I can't remove that WOW comment. We republicans aren't hypocrites...we're not crybabies.

The new game show for Liberals, democrats, snowflakes and whiny "I want everything for free" childish Americans. Facts do not gain points or merit here, what acertains the "correct" answer is the one who showboats the greatest "offense" to a fact.