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Doctor Who fabric! I still have yet to order some to make a baby blanket or even crib sheets.

Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Purple Coat Cardboard Standup Life-size cardboard standup of The Doctor from Doctor Who stands at a size of 70″ x 26″. The Doctor is a Time Lord, or time traveler, that can regenerate lives and changes bodies every time. The Doctor uses his TARDIS to travel. Doctor Who is a science fiction television show. It is British and is produced by BBC. The Doctor is the main character of the show, and he is the one who fights off evil. Get your Doctor Who cutout today!

Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Profile Cardboard Standup This life-size cardboard cutout of The Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who stands at a size of 21″ x 70″.

THERE IS ONLY ONE!! TIME TRAVELING DOCTOR!!!! Doctor Emmett L. Brown! So there! Take that stupid Doctor Who. Boo to you. No offense to those who like Dr. Who... But I don't approve of that show.

Doctor Who's Top 11 Cool Things About Time Travel ~ "Why does he think you're Caesar?" :) ♥♥

Time Travel. Doctor Who Birthday Card. Funny Greetings Card. Geek Blank Card. by TheDandyLionDesigns on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/252902070/time-travel-doctor-who-birthday-card

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