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Explore Gevangenis Jailhouse Prison and more!

Gevangenis Jailhouse Prison

Here Are Some of the Creepiest Abandoned Prisons We've Ever Seen

"Imagine an inmate sitting in his cell with little else to keep him company but a red marker as he marks off each day that passes. The island is totally abandoned now: only shepherds live here in place of those who once resided within the prison walls. An estimated 4,000 were killed by other inmates or guards, or were otherwise executed." - Written by: Michele Collet

Prison- One of the best locations in case of a zombie apoc. For one of two reasons: 1. Completely enclosed 2. Outside enclosed yard perfect for farming

There are times in our lives where we all feel that we are in prison. However ..Truth will set you free, and if free... you will be free indeed

•Curiosity Killed The Cat•