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Camellia japonica 'Hikaru-Genji'

Camellia japonica 'Hikaru-Genji'

Camellia japonica Governor Mouton  Lustrous dark green leaves. Prefers acidic, highly organic soils. Always mulch because of shallow rooting. 3-5 flowers.   Cultivar Description:   Semidouble to loose peony form flowers are red with white splotches. Mid season

Governor Mouton Variegated Camellia camellia japonica governor mouton The Governor Mouton Spring Blooming Camellia is an evergreen shrub with red and white variegated flowers that bloom in winter into Más


~camellia (Camellia japonica L). It was designated the state flower of Alabama in replacing the original state flower adopted in 1927 (goldenrod). A native of China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan, the camelia is cultivated in the southeastern United States.

Cameillas - A number of species, most notably the C. oleifera, produce hybrids that withstand temperatures as low as -15°F.  C. japonica also has an April series of hardy camellias, named for the time they typically bloom in the cooler, northern part of their range. These include ‘April Blush’, ‘April Dawn’, ‘April Remembered’, ‘April Rose’, ‘April Snow’, and ‘April Tryst’.

Camellia Planting Guide

I want a camellia garden Camellia Planting Guide. This beautiful, flowering shrub has a long blooming season and loves the Southern climate.

Fractal symmetry...Camilia ~ perfection!

Camelia Symetry Red Camelia with a symmetrical petals arrangements by Robbie Sydney

Chapter 11: The camellia that Mrs. Dubose gives Jem symbolizes closure and forgiveness for Jem. This shows that Mrs. Dubose doesn't show any resentment towards Jem after what he did, so he doesn't have to feel bad. (Lee 148). Symbol.

Top 15 Most Beautiful Camellia Flowers