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How do you know if the people who are telling you "how it is" actually "know how it is?" Copernicus said the Earth revolved around the sun and was considered a heretic. It took the Catholics Church over TWO CENTURIES to admit they were wrong. Just sayin'.

How to Teach Critical Thinking Skills to Young Children

We'd like to share this critical thinking skills cheatsheet for you to use with your students. Get them asking questions on any topic!

Tips and a free "cheat sheet" for incorporating critical thinking in your instruction. Get students responding and thinking with depth and complexity.

Questions for Critical Literacy: Some types of questions promote critical literacy more than other types of questions. Questions to stimulate thinking are often higher level types of questions. This list of questions can be used for comprehension and general use. Keep as Reference.

This would be good to display in the classroom to remind students how to problem solve using their critical thinking skills.

a monster post on everything you need to know about critical thinking . . .what they aren't teaching you in nursing school