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Aula de Anatomia - Sistema Ósseo - Cabeça - Concha Nasal Inferior

Concha Nasal Inferior associado aos Ossos do Crânio

Aula de Anatomia - Sistema Ósseo - Cabeça - Crânio como um Todo

Aula de Anatomia - Sistema Ósseo - Cabeça - Crânio como um Todo

Autonomic Nervous System...mine is very dysfunctional because of POTS!!!

Communicating with your Nervous System

Overview of the Autonomic Nervous System: Autonomic Nervous System: Merck Manual Professional An overview of what the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems of the Autonomic Nervous System interact within the human body.

Detailed mouth anatomy www.dentalcapecod.com www.facebook.com/DAOCC   https://twitter.com/DentalCapeCod

Oral Pharynx, with special reference to the Palatine Tonsil and the Musculature of the Palate

cn_v2_-_posterior_superior_alveolar_and_infraorbital_nerves_(edit)1316902397433.jpg (550×526)

cn_v2_-_posterior_superior_alveolar_and_infraorbital_nerves_(edit)1316902397433.jpg (550×526)

TMJ is an acronym that stands for temporomandibular joint, the joint located just in front of the ear on either side of the head. The temporomandibular joints and surrounding ligaments and muscles hold the mandible, or lower jawbone, to the temporal bone of the skull. Discs between each joint cushion the bones of the joints for smooth, painless movement. The TMJs allow motions of the jaw that facilitate eating, speaking, and making facial expressions.

Learn about TMJ disorder, including information on the causes, symptoms and classifications of temporomandibular joint disorder.