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88 Everyday Things You Can Compost (and 9 You Shouldn’t) -- Compost is literally the best thing you can plant your vegetables and flowers in. What is even better is that you can make your own. There are tricks to making a healthy compost. Some things break down while others don’t. You also need to know of what you can and cannot compost before you jump o...

Vertical Garden House for Cucumbers Peas and Beans | Happy House and Garden Social Site

Purple Viking potato is drought resistant and a yielder of large tubers. Its unique taste is loved by many and will get sweeter in long term storage.

7 Steps to Building a Compost Heap

Line the bottom of the bin with 6 inches of cornstalks, coarse twigs, or chopped brush. Add a few inches of "green" (think fruit and vegetable scraps, flowers, etc.), then twice as much "brown" material (think fallen leaves, paper egg cartons, straw, etc.).