This necklace is 23" total in length. The toggle clasp is .925 Sterling Silver.

This beautiful necklace features genuine Russian Charoite and faceted Obsidian beads and was handmade by a vendor based in Tennessee. The charoite beads are graduated in length, from the shortest at the clasp ends to the longest at the center. Charoite is a stone found only in Russia along the Charo River. It is known for its swirling deep purple color, interspersed with fibrous black and occasionally opaque sections. This material has become somewhat difficult to obtain, due to conflicts in the country it is mined. The material in this necklace was imported before these conflicts began. Obsidian Necklace, Fossil Jewelry, Deep Purple Color, Agate Geode, Quartz Cluster, Beautiful Necklace, Quartz Points, Toggle Clasp, Orange Gold