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special messages for your special someone

special messages for that special someone

22 Hilarious Cards for Couples Who Want to Express Their Love Honestly as Possible - BlazePress


My friend has this disease and she said that the hiccups were slowly killing her and to be polite I only laughed internally even though I was still talking to her on the phone and she couldn't see me.

Quit getting offended at cuss words. I said 'fuck', I didn't smack your baby...get the fuck over it. Fuck.

For fucking real! I have a potty mouth, so yes, I sometimes feel like this.

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Rottenecards - Here's what I think of High School Reunions. If I haven't contacted you in the last 20 years, there's probably a reason.

Lol, boob sweat... shit that happens on a humid running day in Florida.

Wow, that food stamp card goes great with that coach purse and Escalade .

Well that's a level of incompetent we've not seen before | eCards

Well that's a level of incompetent I've not seen before // ecard