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Boy Noise with dirt on it Definition Vinyl Wall Decal

bahahahaha!! there is alot more to little boys than just noise and dirt, and there are a number of girls who liked to play in the dirt when they were little(myself included), but i still found this hilarious!

Winter Fashion

The guessing game... This was me dropping off my daughter at school every day last year. Well, from October through April, anyway.

Um...since I was four I've had more responsibilities than you could ever imagine. What other kid is gonna get up at everyday and go to gymnastics for 7 hours everyday for 13 years? Miss Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving and every other holiday!

Teehee. I just think of we were to actually have the clothes houses and whatever else. We'd have to be at minimal neighbors so we could steal eachothers shit all the time. 'Oh hey @Amy Bell Kwallek just here to steal that belt from last weeks pin'