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Fall~ High Roll aways, Buckley, Michigan
Steelhead fishing on the Manistee River  (Michigan) - #puremichigan
Buckley, Michigan
The scene from Buckley’s High Roll-Away is legendary, but don’t miss the subtle beauty that unfolds along the dirt-road drive in. A changing scape of meadow, pine and hardwood forest makes a perfect prelude to this awe-inspiring overlook.
The view from the "High Rollaways. Residents call this the "High Rollaways" and it is a little-known overlook at the end of a remote dirt road. Officially, it is called the Manistee River High Banks Rollaway. At the turn of the last century, lumberjacks would roll logs down the hills into the river to float them to the mills in Manistee, MI. This scenic overlook of the Manistee River Valley is located south of Traverse City, Michigan near the small town of Buckley.
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