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The more you know: Vinegar kills 82% of mold species and is effective for common fabrics.

How To Get Rid Of Mold Once And For All

Printable Bedroom Cleaning Checklist for Kids

Do your kids know what you mean when you tell them to clean their rooms? Using a helpful checklist like this one lets you make your expectations clear. Empower your kids to keep their own rooms neat and tidy without a lot of extra instructions from you. Avoid power struggles and work towards a more peaceful (and neater!) home for everyone by using this checklist. (Also available in a white version).

Your Frequently Asked Questions & My Answers

To impose order on your outer world, it helps to have rules that you make and put into action. More

11 Things You Need to Throw Away

Here are some things you should consider purging from your home, and download our printable to help you get rid of items you don't need!

Tidy home, tidy mind. Clean house, clean head. You have probably heard variations of these sayings before. But you may have never fully realized what decluttering the house can really do for your mind. Throwing away old things is a powerful way to give your mind clarity, focus, peace and balance. Without even noticing it [...]

Get Organized With the 30-Day Declutter Challenge

The 4-Pile Strategy for Simplifying Your Wardrobe via @WhoWhatWear

The 4-Pile Strategy for Simplifying Your Wardrobe