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Japanese women in yukata admiring the autumn foliage at the Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji Temple, Kyōto (©  SeanPavonePhoto - Fotolia.com)

Stock Photo - Girls view fall foliage in Kyoto, Japan

Snow in Rock garden, Tofuku-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan https://www.hotelscombined.com/?a_aid=150886

Snow in Zen Garden, Tofuku-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Terraced Japanese rock garden trimmed in seasonal frosting of snow - beyond lovely! ~  重森三玲の庭・雪景色(大徳寺塔頭・瑞峯院) : 花景色-K.W.C. PhotoBlog

Terraced Japanese rock garden trimmed in seasonal frosting of snow - beyond…

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上諏訪高島城 High Castle on Suwa

Rock garden at Tofuku-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Karesansui has carved for itself a niche in Japanese history. This garden style began during the Heian period The first records of Japanese rock gardens were written in the ancient manuscript the Sakuteiki, also known as “Records of Garden Keep

Saihoji Temple - Kyoto Travel Guide

Tourism guide to Saihō-ji Temple (Kokedera Moss Temple) in Kyoto, Japan.

playing with autumn leaves. and raking them in a big pile just to jump in them. and making leaf angels. love it all!

A Favorite Fall Activity - Kicking autumn leaves

Kyoto, Japan  Taking in this garden in person was a dream come true for me.

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Banryutei Rock Garden --  the largest rock garden in Japan. The design of this garden is of a pair of dragons emerging from a sea of clouds to protect the Okuden. The dragons are made of 140 granite rocks from the island of Shikoku, the birthplace of Kobo Daishi. The white sand is from Kyoto, another place that was significant in Kobo Daishi's life

Banryutei Rock Backyard -- the most important rock backyard in Japan. >>> Learn more by clicking the image link

Southern Zen Garden, Tofuku-ji Temple, Kyoto

Tofuku-ji southern Zen garden Hōjō, the living quarters of the head priest, .