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"NASA Deforestation Image" OR the "Earth 34 years later." A cunning mix of seasons, zoom, and slight modification of the colors. Not true, not put out by NASA, and, most of all, we do not need to lie to get people to accept deforestation or global warming.

Giant Ammonite. This is a replica of an ammonite (which can be really large). This one was used in a film. Go to website to verify. Fooled me. Assume nothing and question everything.

FAKE - It only exists digitally, but how cool would that be!? Assume nothing and question everything.

FAKE - CLAIM: Global Control through the RFID Chip TRUTH: 2007 photo about a new technology. The chip shown is actually one that measures glucose levels in diabetes patients. I don't know if they were ever commercially produced. Assume nothing and question everything.

Fake - The top image is pinned as "Cat Mountain in the Ukraine". It is really a contest entry titled "Sleepy Canyon" by an artist known as Cyn at and placed first in the “Canvas Earth 2” contest which was posted a decade ago. - The real mountain is shown in the second and third images. it is easier to visualize the cat in the third image.

Mislabeled - No, it is not sand struck by lightning. No duped again it is a sandcastle. See Assume nothing and question everything.